About Stewart Enslow

Designer Paige Stewart Enslow started her eponymous brand in 2021, hoping to create nostalgic pieces that will follow their wearers through many stages of life. 

Her pieces are inspired by disco, retrofuturism, mid-century design, and film costuming. She aims to create clothing with timeless silhouettes and unique prints that are both exciting to wear and respectful of the planet they come from.



While aware that fashion is an inherently unsustainable industry, Stewart Enslow is committed to sustainability wherever possible, at every step of production. From fabric sourcing to packaging, the welfare of the world and the people who live in it are considered.


Fabrics used are either vintage, natural, or deadstock. We use organic fabric and dyes whenever possible. At this time, any new fabric is sourced from a supplier dedicated to fair trade practices in South Korea. 


Clothing is ethically sewn in New York and Los Angeles.

All jewelry is made of 100% recycled sterling silver, and cast in New York City.


Tissue paper, hang tags, and stickers used are made of recycled materials, and mailers are 100% compostable and reusable. 

Our Goals

Someday, we hope to use only certified organic materials, but as an emerging brand, this is not realistic right now. We are committed to educating ourselves about new developments in the world of sustainability and always choosing the most sustainable practices available to us.